Friday, April 7, 2017

After the Strike...

There is no supporting trump's air strike of Syria. To do so would endorse and/or set precedent for his acting as a DICKtraitor. He ignored protocol and consulted with no one; not Congress, not our Allies and one must wonder if even with our Intelligence agencies. We must be careful not to inadvertently legitimize trump's efforts to be KING of America.

donald trump is a "person" of
questionable integrity,
questionable allegiance,
questionable loyalty,
ZERO compassion,
questionable character,
questionable intelligence,
questionable motive.

I do not trust ANYthing he does nor ANYone with whom he surrounds himself.

IF I had a draft aged child, I would channel the spirit of Muhammad Ali. I would rather put money on his or her books for commissary in prison than flowers on his grave for fighting some contrived war started by trump
- to show that his balls are bigger than some other world leader,
- to give a jolt to his approval rating, therefore his ego,
- so that he and his rich cronies, who DODGED THE DRAFT, and who will NOT send their kids off to fight, can get richer on the backs and deaths of the poor who they will dupe into believing they are defending the country for some patriotic good,
- to convince the nut jobs who voted for him that he is making America Great Again!

I would rather visit my kid in prison!!!

I do not like trump and I trust him and his motives even less. There is likely nothing he can do to make me believe that only days after declaring that they should fend for themselves, that miraculously, overnight, he gives a damn about their suffering or being tortured and killed, chemically or otherwise. These are the same people who still he refuses entry, thereby refuge, in the US.

NOT drinking his Kool-aid. NOT being distracted from issues at home regarding him, MOST members of his administration, their lies and their ties with putin and Russia who I would not be one bit surprised to learn colluded with trump in this show of force. We have been so duped by this ruthless and dangerous egomaniac until I don't put anything past him.

I believe him to be a traitor.
I believe his ultimate goal is to overthrow our government as we know it, as is defined by law to include the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.
I believe to support or legitimize him in ANY way is to be complicit in a coup of America...
I detest him...

Now what for the Syrian people? If only they could believe the US was REALLY concerned for their safety and had their best interest at heart. trump does not...

Stay Woke Folks! Don't be distracted. Don't stop resisting...


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Desperate, Dangerous & Delusional!!!

trump is showing just how DESPERATE, DANGEROUS and DELUSIONAL (DD&D) he is. So now POTUS, the real one, President Obama "wiretapped" trump towers??? SMH... trump is a KNOWN liar and ONLY a real DUMMY cannot see that he is throwing distraction into the atmosphere to deflect from the REAL issue at hand; that HE, HIS staff, family and colleagues were/are in bed with Russia, a KNOWN enemy of the US that this jerk wants to normalize as much as the repugs want to normalize him. Get him out of office. ASAP! The damage he is capable of is unimaginable and sadly maybe even irreversible...

CLEARLY trump watched RACHEL MADDOW last night and listened as she educated her audience on how it came to be that the Flynn transcripts leading to his demise even materialized. While American Intelligence agencies can legally listen in on conversations between foreign dignitaries/agents, once an American comes on the line, they are supposed to disconnect UNLESS there is a warrant and that person or his office is under investigation. It is called a FISA warrant and apparently is very secretive and hard to get. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Obama administration, committed to protecting the US from threat or harm, domestic or international, rightfully convinced some court that there was grounds for a FISA warrant involving trump and/or one of his cronies, thus the recording, thus the transcript! Have not the repugs used in their defense of Russian interference in US elections, criticism that President Obama knew about the interference and did nothing? Well maybe, just maybe he did and IF he did, TOUCHE' & THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT for taking such brave steps to protect us!!! 

It is no question that trump was/is in bed with putin. There is NO question that putin IS an enemy. Certainly trump has given us good reason to suspect him of treason and a planned coup of our government, at the least...

CLEARLY the orange wizard watched Rachel Maddow last night and is now sending his early morning tweets to do damage control, to deflect the spotlight from his own malfeasance and to throw talking points to the morons who follow him. I fully expect to hear versions of his comments reverberated ad nauseam throughout the day and on the Sunday morning circus, I mean Sunday morning talk circuit; especially FAUX "news". His tweets also suggest that he wants to see President Obama in court. Somehow I doubt that. He would be forced through subpoenas to reveal the hand he has so desperately tried to hide. If this is the doing of President Obama, he is brilliant and once again, the walking ego occupying the white house took the bait! JOB WELL DONE SIR!  

Forget the popcorn, Pass the gin and I don't drink! This guy is not only messy but an international embarrassment of monumental proportions. Get him out of office IMMEDIATELY!!!

He is DD&D!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rejecting The Orange Elephant...

Yesterday evening I watched on CSPAN-3 a rebroadcast of Monday's debate held by UK parliament regarding rescission of an invitation for a state visit extended to trump; the so called PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Such a debate is about as "UNPRESIDENTED" as trump himself... Thankfully they voted to reject any semblance of embracing or giving any impression of approval or acceptance of the bigotry, hate and ignorance promoted by mr. trump While the state visit was upheld, parliament rejected him speaking to their body. Good For Them! 
So how embarrassing is it that any government, certainly a friendly government, is so disgusted by the PIG in the white house that this discussion was even necessary? What is wrong with that picture? How long will the American people tolerate a suspected traitor in the white house? How long will we deny the obvious and allow one to "lead" us who is an international embarrassment and who clearly does not have our nation's best interests at heart?

That our allies question, judge, mistrust, make mockery of American "leadership" IS the biggest of the elephants in the republican living room. They are in charge. They fed the beast as their ONLY means to recapturing the throne. How long will they continue to feed him and put the entire of us at risk? When and how will they deal with the orange one masquerading himself as a red elephant?

America is undeniably under a coup attack from within, undeniably with help from or masterminded by Russia. The state of America and our national security is in unquestionable jeopardy. A real, dangerous, very scary, creepy and mentally deranged subhuman occupies the white house. Most of America is astounded as is the rest of the world. Thank you GB for exercising sound judgment and denying him royal treatment while in your country. Royal he is not... Thank you for standing in resistance with MOST of America!

Footnote: Higginbotham is a British name. The Brits made me proud in their decision to reject trump! Their thinking is in line with The 96%!, Black women in America who also rejected trump! Proud to be in both numbers!

Saturday, February 4, 2017



I am happy to say that I saw this movie last night at Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem. EVERY seat in the theater was filled; all ages, mixed races. The audience was quiet and attentive, cheering and applauding as appropriate, definitely educated and hung around in groups discussing the movie after it was over. A new generation met James Baldwin and learned that what he spoke so many years ago still applies today.

I HIGHLY recommend seeing this film.
I HIGHLY recommend that you take someone from another generation with you.
I HIGHLY recommend white folks, especially republicans, see, contemplate AND discuss this movie...

To Black folks, try not to become despondent and less encouraged to keep up the good fight against the trump administration. You will be overwhelmed by a sense that we are spinning our wheels or merely treading water in terms of our struggle but don't be disillusioned. So much of the history in the film, still speaks to us today...

DO check it out during this opening weekend if you can. And certainly, Let's Talk About It...

Supporting Black History 365!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Only The Strong Survive...


Only The Strong Survive, Jerry Butler (1969)

I remember as a child of a single Mother who was not even 30, left all alone by a deadbeat "dad" who wanted to party, be a ladies "man" and dabble in drugs and boos more than he wanted to be dad, with FIVE mouths to feed. There was a period where I vividly remember her playing this song over and over. Drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, in deep thought obviously contemplating life...

I did not understand then, I just knew that she seemed sad or had something really heavy on her mind that I could not fix or make better, a helpless feeling for a kid... She must have been scared shitless but she never made her burden our burden... How hard that must have been...

I understand now however that listening to this song must have given her strength. Perhaps it was like a mantra for her. She KNEW that she had to survive. She had to survive so that her FIVE babies c/would survive.

I know nothing of being hungry, wearing tattered, soiled or hand me down clothes, being responsible for raising or caring for my younger siblings, being cold, living without lights, heat, food or anything of the kind. As a matter of fact, in hindsight, I think she overdid it. She probably overcompensated and shielded and protected us just a little too much. That's what good Black Mamas do... I wish however she had focused more on herself. Rest her soul...

Oh yeah, we were definitely poor, but like so many other poor Black children with STRONG Black Mamas who LOVED their children sometimes more than they loved themselves and who innately knew how to survive, we had no idea of how poor we were. As a matter of fact, other kids used to say, "them Higginbothams got money!". Now that was funny. We might not have how poor we were but we damn sure knew that we didn't have money!! We thought it puzzling that other kids could even think it. Despite what the media will have one believe about Black families, I think we were only one of two families in my immediate neighborhood who lived in a single parent home. The only other that comes to mind was a single Father raising his two sons, another anomaly if you believe the media hype...
The last time I can vividly associate this song with my Mom was in 2010. I was in the cemetery where she is buried attending the burial of a childhood matriarch who was like a Family member. I parked near Mommy's tombstone. Of course I visited her grave while I was there... When I got in the car to leave, I turned on the radio and could not believe my ears. Much to my surprise, Only the Strong Survive was blaring from WDAS, the radio station I grew up listening to... For a moment, I thought to be spooked but instead I looked toward her grave and after driving a bit, I accepted it as sign that Mommy was talking to me and reminding me that she is still with me and of course that ONLY the strong survive. At that time, I needed to hear that...

I love that memory and share it on this day with my younger cousins who just lost their Mom. In time they will come to know that she is with you as much today as she was just a few days ago. She, like my Mother and their Grandmother, for whom I am proudly named, will make sure they know that... In the meantime, my prayers are with them...

In these days of political uncertainty, may we not be afraid but instead be reminded to find strength in
our music and in one another. Call on your strength and remember the solid stock from which we come and KNOW that this BS too shall pass...

Like my Mama, find your mantra song. Play it often. Play it LOUD! Sing it! Shout it! Dance to it! Do whatever. Just let it resonate in your soul, soothe your mind and give you much resolve when the ordinary of late seems so very crazy or when the world seems to be dishing more than which you think you can bear. Know that you will be just fine and hang in there...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Suck it up? I Don't Think So...

Here is the response I wrote to a man telling liberals to suck it up and accept donald trump as our president: 

IF in fact he had won, your position would be valid. We would need to suck it up and accept him occupying the white house as the will of the majority. But the truth is that he did not win! Not by a long shot. Notwithstanding that only half of the country even bothered to vote, Hillary beat him by THREE MILLION votes and another EIGHT MILLION+ people, CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES, voted for someone other than he or Hillary. So in FACT, despite half the country abstaining and the thievery and shenanigans of the orange wizard, the repugs and the Russians, your guy STILL lost the election by more than ELEVEN MILLION votes! That my dear, is the mandate, the platform if you will, for why EVERYBODY HATES trump!

He, the Russians and republicans hell bent on disenfranchising AMERICANS of their right to vote may do whatever to insinuate him into the white house but NOTHING they can do will ever insinuate him into the hearts and minds of people who truly detest him. NOTHING! He is a clueless, hateful, egotistical, reckless racist, womanizing, xenophobic, misogynistic, under-educated, internationally uninformed tweeting bully with ZERO diplomatic skills who is a walking national security threat and a risk to the sovereignty of OUR nation and the lives of young innocent people whose lives he will risk in an unnecessary war that will benefit only him and his rich cronies... (I could go on) republicans hate him just as much as we do but as his path, no matter how littered, no matter how crooked or corrupt, was the only one leading to 1600 Pennsylvania, so it is they who have sucked it up, who have chosen to sell what little there is of their souls, and decided to hold their noses and suck it up until such time they can figure out how to get rid of him.

Two months ago, they hated and found trump repulsive too. Even those he is appointing to his cabinet avoided him like the plague. They would not dare be seen with him. They too thought him an embarrassing buffoon. Those who supported him and made national asses of themselves are now on the outside looking in; christie, guliani, gingrich, palin, omarosa and I dare say many who regrettably voted for him. He is a user. He used the peons well to put himself in a position to play ball with those he prefers to play with anyway, those who heretofore have not respected him as a man, as a businessman, as an intelligent or thinking person, as a peer and certainly NOT as POTUS. Explain that!

trump will get and deserves the respect that he and other repugs gave PRESIDENT Obama for EIGHT years of his presidency. If you were quiet then, please be quiet now. At least President Obama decisively WON BOTH of his elections. Can't say that about your guy... Gonna' be a long, 'unpresidented', unpredictable, humiliating and embarrassing four years. You will silently cringe and hold your nose too. Most of us will hold our noses but not our tongues, and somehow we will manage to get through it.

FTR, the ONE republican who I do respect is Governor Kasich. He is the ONLY one who has exhibited any semblance of integrity and character. He thought trump a dunce before November 8th. He thinks him a dunce still and has consistently responded accordingly. Agree with his politics or not, I respect him as a man who has shown us, especially our children, how a person of principle and true character behaves! Rare quality in American politics where parties and winning seem to be all that matters... So no, Mr. Hedberg, NOT sucking it up! Neither would you!!!

The Marmel Page

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Meet The RESIDENT!!!!

I have struggled with what I will call donald trump. There is just no way I could ever call him president. It occurred to me this morning as he will occupy, thereby take up residence at the White House, I will simply refer to him as THE RESIDENT!

Gonna' be a long four years! We have to keep laughing to keep from crying!

Can't lose trump? Lose the "P"! LOL!!! He can't spell, either can we!!! Follow the "leader"! LOL!!!

Pass it on...