Friday, December 30, 2016

Suck it up? I Don't Think So...

Here is the response I wrote to a man telling liberals to suck it up and accept donald trump as our president: 

IF in fact he had won, your position would be valid. We would need to suck it up and accept him occupying the white house as the will of the majority. But the truth is that he did not win! Not by a long shot. Notwithstanding that only half of the country even bothered to vote, Hillary beat him by THREE MILLION votes and another EIGHT MILLION+ people, CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES, voted for someone other than he or Hillary. So in FACT, despite half the country abstaining and the thievery and shenanigans of the orange wizard, the repugs and the Russians, your guy STILL lost the election by more than ELEVEN MILLION votes! That my dear, is the mandate, the platform if you will, for why EVERYBODY HATES trump!

He, the Russians and republicans hell bent on disenfranchising AMERICANS of their right to vote may do whatever to insinuate him into the white house but NOTHING they can do will ever insinuate him into the hearts and minds of people who truly detest him. NOTHING! He is a clueless, hateful, egotistical, reckless racist, womanizing, xenophobic, misogynistic, under-educated, internationally uninformed tweeting bully with ZERO diplomatic skills who is a walking national security threat and a risk to the sovereignty of OUR nation and the lives of young innocent people whose lives he will risk in an unnecessary war that will benefit only him and his rich cronies... (I could go on) republicans hate him just as much as we do but as his path, no matter how littered, no matter how crooked or corrupt, was the only one leading to 1600 Pennsylvania, so it is they who have sucked it up, who have chosen to sell what little there is of their souls, and decided to hold their noses and suck it up until such time they can figure out how to get rid of him.

Two months ago, they hated and found trump repulsive too. Even those he is appointing to his cabinet avoided him like the plague. They would not dare be seen with him. They too thought him an embarrassing buffoon. Those who supported him and made national asses of themselves are now on the outside looking in; christie, guliani, gingrich, palin, omarosa and I dare say many who regrettably voted for him. He is a user. He used the peons well to put himself in a position to play ball with those he prefers to play with anyway, those who heretofore have not respected him as a man, as a businessman, as an intelligent or thinking person, as a peer and certainly NOT as POTUS. Explain that!

trump will get and deserves the respect that he and other repugs gave PRESIDENT Obama for EIGHT years of his presidency. If you were quiet then, please be quiet now. At least President Obama decisively WON BOTH of his elections. Can't say that about your guy... Gonna' be a long, 'unpresidented', unpredictable, humiliating and embarrassing four years. You will silently cringe and hold your nose too. Most of us will hold our noses but not our tongues, and somehow we will manage to get through it.

FTR, the ONE republican who I do respect is Governor Kasich. He is the ONLY one who has exhibited any semblance of integrity and character. He thought trump a dunce before November 8th. He thinks him a dunce still and has consistently responded accordingly. Agree with his politics or not, I respect him as a man who has shown us, especially our children, how a person of principle and true character behaves! Rare quality in American politics where parties and winning seem to be all that matters... So no, Mr. Hedberg, NOT sucking it up! Neither would you!!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Meet The RESIDENT!!!!

I have struggled with what I will call donald trump. There is just no way I could ever call him president. It occurred to me this morning as he will occupy, thereby take up residence at the White House, I will simply refer to him as THE RESIDENT!

Gonna' be a long four years! We have to keep laughing to keep from crying!

Can't lose trump? Lose the "P"! LOL!!! He can't spell, either can we!!! Follow the "leader"! LOL!!!

Pass it on...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Just Do Something!!!

D Day has arrived. The Electorate College will vote. Lay people and grassroots organizations are fired up and have appealed to them to not to confirm donald trump, therefore validating foreign interference in the process of our government, namely our elections. So what are the Dems going to do? What are they saying? Crickets...  I am so over this woe is me', we are the victims, Democrats are doormats stuff! JUST DO SOMETHING!!!

We don't need our elected officials to rant and post the injustices or the latest findings on Facebook or other social media networks, WE'VE GOT THAT COVERED!!!! What we DO need you all to do is to take some measure, make some noise, take a JOINT position at least giving those who call ourselves Democrats something to be proud of, let us know that we are NOT in a party of WUSSES', because that is how it feels. 

I am more ashamed of the apathy of our party than I am of the Russians who have done what hostile governments do, HACK their adversaries. However for US, American politicians on either side of the aisle, to act like it is OK, is more disheartening than I can say. To not be moved to action when daily we are informed of some new form of imminent danger we are in and for our parties to just seem paralyzed, inept or unwilling to do anything about what is clearly a coup taking place right before our very eyes, with bribes and dollars instead of bullets, thereby conceding to a crazed dictator, who by the way only has that power we concede to him, is BEYOND RECKLESS and quite damn disturbing!!!

I am a lay person and off the top of my head I suggest that the Dems, the DNC or whatever persons or bodies of authority can do all or any of the following:

1 - File a petition for injunction halting the electoral process, demanding a new election in light of undisputed interference by a foreign government, an election reflecting the voice of the American people NOT Russia. To discuss the motive for the interference is NOT the issue but is a convenient distraction. That they interfered IS the issue!

2 - Write an open letter to the Electoral College appealing to their sense of duty and reminding them of their mandate to protect us from presidential harm which in this case is already leading to instability with China relations.

3 - PUBLICLY challenge the patriotism of trump and any republican who dares to side with Russia and the KGB in the face of what SEVENTEEN US intelligence agencies is reporting, INCLUDING the CIA. (As the FBI does not come with clean hands, they lack credence in this matter... ) Flip the script. Give the republicans some of their own medicine. Challenge their patriotism. Put them in a position where they will have to publicly defend taking any such position, now or at the time of their next bid for re-election.

4- Tell HRC to stop licking her wounds and and come out swinging like only she and Bill know how! Based on current and new data, she should rescind her concession, which amounts to nothing more than a "gentleman's" agreement in the face of lies and deceit!

5 - Dems should align themselves with grassroots efforts already in progress

6- Call a press conference of all Dems, inviting all sane republicans to join in, declaring their objection to an "election" decided by a foreign government, friendly to the US or not! Such interference is unacceptable. We tell our children ZERO TOLERANCE for far less, surely foreign interference and espionage make rank. Surely!!!! That is what the American people NEED to hear!!!

Again, I am just a lay person. I don't have the skills, knowledge or resources that the Democratic party has. If I can stretch my mind to come up with these suggestions, surely our elected officials can come up with SOMETHING that says to WE THE PEOPLE, to the world that is looking at us in utter disbelief as we have TOLERATED & ALLOWED the presence and tolerance of one man to take us from a place of international respect restored by the Obama administration to one of the world's greatest international laughing stock!

As trump has employed nothing but the unconventional and unprecedented, to reduce us to our new standing, we need not feel bound by that which is conventional or precedent to get us out of this mess. Meet him and the greedy, shallow repugnant arm of the republican party right where they are! STOP with patting ourselves on the back for having taken the high road. Who cares? Where has that gotten us? When in the pit with snakes, stop pretending they are worms! Spit back with venom. Make it sweet venom but venom nonetheless!!! No one is on that high road but us. Whose passing you? Who is in your rear view mirror? ONLY other Democrats! Sometimes taking a detour is not only acceptable, more importantly, it is required...

WE ARE AMERICANS who are fed up! We are NOT victims! So stop acting as such and stop telling us to behave as such or to just suck it up so that we can all just get along. Rodney King is dead and at times like these, so is that line of thinking. trump is a bully and behaves like a dictator. Why? Because we, the press, elected officials and others are responding to him as such. Last I heard we are still a democracy. We are Americans who tell the rest of the world to fight and stand up against their governments for what they believe. We intrude and dismantle other governments presumably to save nations from dictators and coup attempts, yet we are willing to sit back and allow our government to be dismantled by the whims of a bonafide mad man aided by a desperate and conniving American political party and a foreign government. Really??? Come On Speaker Pelosi. You just fought to maintain your seat, now DO SOMETHING with it!!!

I called several Democratic offices over the past few days. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Lift OUR Voice, the voice of WE THE PEOPLE. Can't say it loud or often enough! We are looking to our elected officials to DO SOMETHING!!! Even if you guys lose, at least lose trying!!!! Again, I am more disgusted with the Democrats right now than I am with the Russians. I don't expect them to look out for my well being. I DO however, expect at least that much from my American government, from my political party!!!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Popcorn is Burning...

Pass the popcorn as the mainstream media kowtows to their fear of trump, the POTUS they created, and does its damnedest to "normalize" crazy and convince us not to be concerned as they downplay the disaster and lack of even basic knowledge or regard for international relations or understanding of diplomacy their candidate, mr. trump, has... Where is Aleppo? Ha! That political footnote will become child's play when compared to the monumental and/or international blunders trump will make. God Help Us!!!

Ummm, can you imagine the outcry and infinite "breaking news" cycle IF President Elect Obama had broken a 40 year standing agreement regarding US relations with a foreign country that we have intentionally not recognized in the interest of promoting his business or some personal interest??? What if PRESIDENT Obama, you know, that Black and "inexperienced" guy that "mesmerized" our nation had violated diplomatic protocol and called Tyrone, I mean Taiwan? The press and the repugs would be eating him for lunch and dare I say that the courts would not be discouraging but instead promoting recount efforts. The Electoral College would not think twice about reversing their votes. But trump, the orange wizard, is a rich and privileged white guy capitalist. No matter how unskilled, unscrupulous or dangerous, he is held to another standard. America will ignore ALL of the blaring red flags and allow that he be a royal screw up no matter the consequences, no matter how far reaching the effects...

Do you think the Dems are huddled somewhere in a dingy, dimly lit room fervently plotting the demise of the orange wizard even before he assumes office? Or are they leaving that dirty but familiar deed to the expertise of the repugs who want trump to be their president even less than they wanted PRESIDENT Obama to be their president? I would say God Help trump but it would be a disingenuous prayer...

Popcorn tasting pretty burnt...

Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Unconventional Times...

Congresswoman Barbara Lee stepped out from her colleagues and opposed the war in Iraq. In her lone dissent, she commented, "We are not dealing with a conventional war. We cannot respond in a conventional manner". Does that not apply to our current situation?

For those naysayers who feel that demanding a recount or challenging the electors to reverse themselves or holding protest marches or any other measures being taken to address the aftermath of November 8th is a waste of time, thereby suggesting that we should just throw in the towel, roll over and accept donald trump as president, I say to you we are not dealing with a conventional or reasonable man, we are not fighting a conventional war, we should not restrict ourselves to conventional measures in unconventional times to remove and defeat him or alternatively decide how to deal with him should he regrettably come to occupy the white house. What do we have to lose??? Why not support these efforts? Did not our ancestors employ non-conventional measures to secure civil rights in America?

So little about this campaign/"election" season has been conventional. Most of what we have been subjected to, mostly by trump, has been unprecedented, hopefully never to be repeated. I say we meet him where he is and stay his course. Continue to expect the unprecedented to get us through. Expect that the Electoral College could break from tradition and reverse the election as is their mandate. Expect that perhaps our voting process was compromised by domestic or foreign interference and that quite possibly a recount can uncover a decisive number of ill gotten votes to change the electoral outcome of the "election". Expect that there might be sufficient reason, not in his favor, for donald trump to oppose a recount. Expect that no matter the results, going forward we still have a voice and that we must be prepared to raise it loudly and often. Expect that we are way overdue in making our government work FOR and WITH us, not lobbyists and corporations...

Think and behave unconventionally because playing by the rules has not served us well. Think and behave outside the box because this IS war, because it IS about our survival and the soul of our nation...

Have a fantastic Saturday & kudos to Congresswoman Barbara Lee and others who are driven by their conscience and that which they believe to be right rather than by their peers, public pressure or that which is safe, popular and conventional... When in an unconventional situation, respond in kind...


Monday, November 28, 2016

Pass The Popcorn...

I am loving it! Morning Joe is beside himself because Kellyanne from the hood, you know the one who was beyond loyal to trump and whose undeniable skill set is responsible for getting him to his present state, apparently "went rogue" on the Sunday morning news circuit yesterday and went completely off script. She all but dared trump to betray his supporters by making Romney Secretary of State.

She and others are demanding that in exchange for any such appointment, one of the most important appointments to be made and one wherein she feels Romney can undermine trump, that Romney apologize for all the horrible (but undeniably true) things he said about trump during the campaign. LOL!!! Who didn't say horrible things about the orange one? Everyone was holding their breath hoping this walking nightmare would go away. While others folded and saw trump as their (the repugs) only path to the white house, Romney has no intention of apologizing. I think he only considers the position because it seems rather clear that no one expects the orange one to be around for long. He probably thinks if he can hold his nose long enough, the stench of trump will go away and he will report to pence, as though he is any better...

Meanwhile, Kellyanne from the hood, who apparently has been cut off since she is no longer of value to trump (surprise! surprise!), made her point clear. According to joe, she is not included in any decision making meetings nor has she been given whatever is her coveted position. Seems the little misses has been reduced to the p**sy trump thinks she and all other women are... LOL!!! Love it! Serves her right! she could not have possibly believed this guy was anything more than the scum she defended him to be. She knew what was his regard for women. He showed her. He showed the world. Now he is proving himself to be who he showed us he was... No surprise here...

Kellyanne however is a Jersey Girl. Good for her for standing in her truth and being brave enough to speak her mind. She undoubtedly was sending a message of her own on yesterday. Certainly she holds lots of secrets that are potentially damaging to the orange one who has NOT been confirmed as anything yet. Kellyanne may go down but not without a fight! Meanwhile, the Dems are finally waking up and joining in the Green Party fight for a recount, Hillary STILL holds a commanding lead in the popular vote and the electoral college is watching... Keep talkin' Kellyanne!!! This is getting good! 

Pass the popcorn...

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who Knew?

Who knew that when Harriet Tubman said she would have freed 1000 more Slaves if they knew they were Slaves that one day she would be talking about poor and working class white folks? Who knew?